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                              Welcome to Dr. Dan's Alternative Fuel Werks 

Hello Seattle, We sell biodiesel & deliver EPAct credits vehicles


We provide natural gas  fueling, and service for your  CNG car or fleet


Fill out a biodiesel survey and help promote biodiesel in the NW

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Dr. Dan's can provide natural gas for your car or fleet vehicles at the Ballard station or we also provide mobile refueling services for your fleet vehicles. 


We sell biodiesel!  Visit our biodiesel page and learn how you can use it in your diesel vehicle with little to no modifications, and for home heating oil. Also, learn more about our biodiesel co-op program  Washington State Biodiesel Fueling Stations


Does your fleet fall under the Energy Policy Act? Thought about biodiesel? We can deliver EPAct credits, 450 gallons of biodiesel =1 credit. Click here for details.


Are you  looking for a way to fund your conversion to alternative fuels? Our link to Grant Opportunities may provide some relief. 


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